Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Schools Implementing "Social Justice" Curriculum

Public School Administrators and School Boards and even some private schools have figured out that they can't use the terms 1619 Project or Critical Race Theory because it sparks outrage among many parents that do not want their children exposed to this racist indoctrination.  So, instead they are now using the term "social justice curriculum" to covertly install this ideology in their schools.  But parents, grandparents and all patriotic Americans should not be fooled by this bait and switch modality. 

In fact, "social justice" is really about "woke" curriculum designed to shame White children for their White Privilege and the most radical LGBTQIA that teaches all sorts of ideas about race and gender.  As a former history and government teacher years ago, I taught the great, good, bad and ugly about American history; but what I taught was based on facts and truth.  The indoctrination in many of our schools today is based on radical ideology that has no basis in facts.  Much of it is lies and Socialist propaganda.  

This race based ideology is making its way into all subjects not just Social Studies and history.  For example, one school district in Virginia has announced that it will no longer teacher higher level math before the 11th grade.  Really.  Those pursing higher education in the sciences, engineering, computer technology etc. need to begin higher level math in the 8th grade to take all the courses necessary to get to the tougher courses.  Presumably, higher level math is not being taught because it is not racially sensitive whatever that means.  

As a White guy, math was never my subject, though I struggled through Algebra only to begin to focus on foreign languages where I excelled.  The fact is that math did not compute in my head so I avoided it.  There are people of all races that do well in math and those that do not do well in math.  It is not a reason to stop teaching higher level math.   Parents should look at all subject materials to see what is being taught.  I suspect they will be shocked.  

Parents, grandparents and patriotic Americans wake up.  Take back control of your schools by electing school board members committed to truth and sound education not crazy ideology and indoctrination. Beware the innocent term "social justice", which we all support.  It does not mean what the words imply.   

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