Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Fake News Is Starting The Removal Of Joe Biden

As predicted, CNN Fake News and others are starting the process to remove Joe Biden from office.  In their first attack on Biden, Fake News is criticizing Biden for the Wuhan Covid Cover Up.  Apparently, after Biden cancelled the investigation of China that was happening when Trump was President, Biden just now approved the investigation related to the Covid virus being manufactured and leaked out of the lab in Wuhan.  Biden is owned by China as a result of his crime family activities in China, which is the reason Biden previously gave China a pass.  In fact, Biden is the Manchurian Candidate.  Everything Biden does benefits China including the latest action to stop mining of metals in the United States needed to make batteries for electric cars.  

Matter of fact, Nevada where we live is sitting on top of huge deposits of Lithium.  Instead of creating thousands of jobs mining lithium in the United States, Biden announced he will be working with other countries like China to secure those metals overseas in the name of protecting our environment.  Where are Nevada National Socialist Senators Rosen and Cortez Masto and Governor Sisolak, since Mining is Nevada's second largest industry.  They should be going crazy and we hear crickets.  

Flip Flop Fauci is now admitting that it is possible that the virus began in the Wuhan lab rather than being transmitted from bats to humans, which is why Biden can't continue to ignore the issue.  Fauci also lied when he said that the US government had not funded research at the Wuhan lab.  His agency did fund scientists in the US working with scientists in Wuhan.  This whole story is unraveling.  

But it should be no surprise.  This Blogger said from the day Biden was elected by voter fraud that he would never complete his first term.  Biden will either be forced out by using the 25th Amendment because of his dementia, be forced to resign as a result of obvious crime family corruption and or die a natural death during his first term.  One way or another Kamela Harris will be President in the near future.  What a scary thought.  

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