Sunday, May 9, 2021

Biden's Lousy Jobs Report - No Surprise

In the latest jobs report, only 266,000 new jobs were created when the expectation was that 1,000,000 people would go back to work last month.  As a result, the unemployment rate moved back up to 6.1%.  Why would this be a surprise to anyone.  The federal government is paying people unemployed an extra $300 a week in addition to their state benefits to stay home.  Generally, anyone who would normally earn less than $50,000 a year is better off getting tax free combined unemployment benefits than going back to work.  This combined with many schools remaining closed using on line learning makes it hard for parents with younger children to go back to work anyway. 

As a result, we will not see better employment numbers until next September, assuming the National Socialists don't extend expanded unemployment benefits; but only if the benefits end as planned.   This also assumes that all schools across the country will be open business as usual   Once gain as Ronald Reagan used to say, "Government is not the solution to our problems, Government is the problem".  Government shut down the economy probably much longer than needed, closed schools unnecessarily all of which devastated our economy and destroyed millions of small businesses and jobs.  And, so now it is government policy once again that is pro-longing the agony.  

Many businesses that are opening back up report that they can't find employees willing to work.  Jobs go unfilled because of these additional unemployment benefits.  Republicans warned that this would happen as they lowered the benefits down from the original $600 to $300 a week, which would have made it even more.  This is pretty simple.  If government wants to cut unemployment just eliminate the additional $300 in the next 30 days and people will go back to work.  The National Socialists will not do it because they are using the lousy jobs report as an excuse for their next $2 Trillion plus Swindle Us Plan.  Remember, never let a good crisis go to waste is their motto.  They create the crisis and then throw borrowed trillions at it. 

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