Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Liz Cheney Is Done

Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney, the Never Trumper is done.  She will be removed from her leadership position in the House of Representatives because she just does not understand that Trump owns the Republican Party, whether he runs for President again or not in 2024.  Half the country still believes that Biden won as a result of election fraud.  And, it is not just about Trump, it is about his America First MAGA Movement coalition, which is the only way Republicans can take back the Congress in 22 and win the Presidency in 24.  

Cheney is the typical Establishment Republican who supports Free Trade that has gutted the heartland and sent millions of jobs to China and other countries.  Cheney like her father supports endless foreign wars that have achieved nothing, but trillions of dollars wasted and American lives lost.  Cheney just does not get it.  Even if she hates President Trump, she should have kept her big mouth shut and not have voted for his Impeachment, which is the kiss of death for the few Republicans that voted to Impeach Trump.  

They, including Cheney will all be primaried because they are seen as collaborator traitors working with the National Socialists, Deep State and Fake News.  Cheney is a DC Swamp Lizard.  That fact that she is a woman will not shield her from demise.  She will not be re-elected in 22.  Liz Cheney is over.  

Mitch McConnell is next.  And, Mike Pence has no future in the Republican Party because he was gutless and did not fight to defend Trump's reelection.  We need fighters to defeat the National Socialist Fascists not gutless RINOS.  

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