Saturday, May 15, 2021

Israel - Under Attack & At War Again

Israel is a beautiful European country in the midst of Arab third world countries.  The Palestinians have been given billions of dollars every year by various countries including the United States, yet when crossing into the Palestinian territory from Israel, it is definitely like going into a third world country.  The reason is corruption, which is common in many Arab countries.  A lot of the money given Palestinian leaders ends up in Swiss bank accounts, while the Palestinian people live in squalor.  Of course, the Palestinians blame Israel; but nothing could be further from the truth. 

Hamas, a terrorist group based in Gaza and perhaps Hezbollah based in Lebanon are firing thousands of rockets into Israel's cities.  Israel has iron dome technology to shoot many down, but some do get through.  The rockets are supplied by Iran, which should be an act of war.  This latest attack on Israel would not be happening if President Trump were still in office.  These attacks are happening because Iran does not fear any action by feeble and weak Joe Biden.  Ultimately, Israel will have to strike Iran.  What choice do they have.  Just imagine if China was supplying Mexico with rockets that were being fired into California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.  In addition to striking Mexico from where the rockets are coming, any President with guts ( Not Joe Biden who is owned by China ) would take action against China.  

In 1962, during the Cuban Missile Crisis. President Kennedy made it very clear that any missile fired from Cuba on the United States, or our allies would result in a full retaliatory attack on the Soviet Union that supplied them.   At a  minimum, Israel should use a cyber attack to shut down all Iranian military installations.  There must be some retaliation against Iran for these rocket attacks in addition to striking at Hamas and Hezbollah.  Fortunately, Israel has among the best military's in the world.  They will do what is necessary to protect their nation.   

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