Thursday, April 29, 2021

Joe Biden & The National Socialists

After resting for days, Joe Biden was able to go before a few hundred members of Congress all in masks and read the speech written for him.   The National Socialists and Fake News breathed a sigh of relief as Biden got through the whole speech without collapsing.  The speech went ok; but what he said was a clear direction to make the United States a Socialist country.  Biden said, " We The People are the government".  Wrong!  "We The People" are the citizens of the United States that pay for everything the government does.    The government exists at our pleasure, not the other way around.  

After the speech, the first person Biden went to was Communist/Socialist Bernie Sanders to get his approval.  Crazy Bernie loved it.  The speech was all Sanders dreamed of and more in new government entitlements that are unsustainable.   Remember, both Social Security and Medicare are headed towards insolvency.  

The problem with all of this is FDR's New Deal that did not end the Great Depression and actually only made it worse.  FDR created all sorts of government entitlements and temporary jobs to get people back to work on the government's payroll one way or another.  But then FDR made a fatal mistake.  He raised taxes on business and the "rich".  The result was private investment came to a stand still so real jobs never happened.  The fact is that unemployment never went below 14% from 1932 to 1938.  Many of those years unemployment was above 20%.   The New Deal based on Keynesian economics was a complete failure.  It was World War II and Adolf Hitler that ended the Great Depression as people went into the military to fight the war and back to work in real jobs producing armaments.  

So now Joe Biden and the National Socialist Fascists are going down the same road.  They know they have to move quick because as Red States open up for business unemployment is falling.  The government created "crisis" is ending.   Unemployment today is at 6% as states open up and people are going back to work.   Congress will enact an infrastructure bill with Bi-Partisan support that will create jobs.  Next, Biden will use budget reconciliation in September to enact new entitlements and higher taxes without one single Republican vote.  Of course, this will retard the growth of the economy.  We are likely to have stagflation; high interest rates and inflation with slow or no growth.  The same thing happened during the Obama Presidency after the 2008-09 Financial Collapse.  

Higher taxes will retard private sector investment just like it did during the New Deal and the Johnson and Obama years.  The stock market will fall.  History is our teacher.  We have seen this story before. Sadly, the National Socialists never seem to learn the lessons of history; but they don't care as long as they can buy votes to stay in power feeding at the trough.  The more poverty the better for National Socialists because poverty is their ticket to power.  

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