Thursday, April 15, 2021

Packing The Supreme Court - Bonehead Idea

Years ago Senator Joe Biden spoke about Franklin Roosevelt's attempt to pack Supreme Court calling it a "bonehead idea".  That was then and this is now.  Biden has appointed a commission of Socialist Party hacks to study the concept of packing the Supreme Court along with adding many more judges to lower courts.  They are supposed to report back to Biden in 180 days; but we all know the outcome.

So, National Socialists in Congress are not waiting for the report.  They will be introducing legislation to add 4 Justices to the Supreme Court taking it from 9 to 13.  Of course, given the option, Biden would appoint 4 Socialist Party hacks, what else.   The Socialists are determined to re-engineer the courts because they know that all of their Socialist schemes will be challenged by Republican State Attorney Generals because a lot of what Biden is doing by Executive Order is unconstitutional.  The Socialists want judges in office that will ignore the Constitution and rule their way.  

The only thing standing between packing the courts is the filibuster in the Senate.  All 50 Republicans including RINOS will vote No.   They need 60 votes to end a filibuster.  Then there will be a move to end the filibuster.  So far Socialists Kyrten Sinema and Joe Manchin have said they will not vote to end the filibuster; but as we all know all politicians can be bribed, one way or another.

The National Socialist will pull out all the stops in an attempt to pack the court.  They know they will probably lose the Congress in 2022.  It is now or never.  

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