Sunday, April 18, 2021

China & Russia - Relations Going From Bad To Much Worse

Not that relations with China and Russia were wonderful when President Trump was in office; but in the short time Biden has been President, relations have gotten much worse.  At least Trump had some trade deal successes with China and more would have occurred had he been re-elected.  Russia did not move thousands more troops to the border with Ukraine when Trump was President.  China was not talking about invading Taiwan when Trump was President.  

The reason these things did not occur on Trump's watch was because they knew Trump was a tough guy and not a weak, demented President.  Nixon used to say the rest of the world needed to believe that the President of the United States was just crazy enough to push the nuclear button so that the nuclear button would never have to be pushed.  Trump was that guy.  Sadly, while Joe Biden is a nice man, though a crook, who many love and even respect, he is not a tough guy.  

Further, as a result of the Biden family pay to play schemes with China, Biden is compromised.  China owns Joe Biden.  In addition to Biden being weak, the Chinese can play this card any time they want to bring down Biden's Presidency.  As a result, Biden can't take any strong action against China.  Specific to Russia, Putin does not fear Biden because he knows Biden will do nothing meaningful to protect Ukraine.  Remember, it was Obama - Biden that sent them blankets.  It was Trump, the tough guy that sent them weapons to defend their country. 

The end result of all of this is that Biden's weakness could ultimately cause both China and Russia to to miscalculate, which could make a hot war inevitable.  This occurred after Khrushchev met Kennedy for the first time in Vienna.  The Russian dictator saw Kennedy as weak and it led to the Cuban Missile Crisis that almost resulted in nuclear war.  

Elections have consequences.  What we are seeing is the consequence of electing Biden by voter fraud, a weak, feeble man with little credibility as to his toughness.  Let's just hope that Biden does not stumble into a war that would be disastrous.  By the way, China has agreed that we should implement the Green New Deal to destroy our economy, while they are allowed to continue polluting the air.  How great for them. 

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