Monday, April 5, 2021

Big Companies Need To Be Woke All About $$$

The first rule of business should be don't offend your customers or clients.  In doing so, companies risk losing their business.  So why do the largest companies in the United States do things to be woke that often offends half the country.  There really are a couple of reasons; first the 100 largest companies in our country that control 50% of our GDP do billions of dollars in government business each year.  So, in order to get that business, these companies must be part of the Deep State.  One hand clearly washes the other.  So if Cancel Culture and all the other politically correct ideology is advocated by the Deep State including Fake News and Hollywood,  big companies must fall in line to keep the gravy train coming.  

Never forget that corporate America lives quarter to quarter and all that really matters are senior management bonuses that can be in the millions of dollars.  Government business is critical to those bonuses.  Big Global Companies that may be headquartered in the United States, but want free trade even if it destroys jobs in the US.   This is why they hated Trump because he was trying to create Fair Trade to protect jobs in the United States.  China was not happy and since these big companies do tremendous business with China the last thing they wanted was an upset China.  This is why they supported Joe Biden.  They knew Biden would not rock the boat because as a result of the Biden family pay to play scheme with China, Biden is owned by China. 

Second, these woke companies don't really care about the half the country they often offend by their actions because they know we can't really avoid doing business with them.  One way or another, these companies control all aspects of daily life related to all the products or services they provide us.  We are stuck with them and they know it.   They are much more concerned about keeping government happy than keeping us happy.  

Many of these companies now oppose common sense election integrity laws that require voter ID.  They don't care if National Socialists win by voter fraud because they want them in office.  Whose bread they eat, whose song they sing.  

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