Sunday, April 25, 2021

Being White In America - The Big Lie

National Socialists, Fake News, Woke Corporations and the Deep State keep saying that Whites in America are racist and guilty of "systemic racism".   Hard to understand because without White votes, the first mixed race President and Vice President would never have been elected.  The same is true for many members of Congress and State governments.  

Certainly, there are racists of all colors in America; but to use the word "systemic" is just not true.  Plus more facts need to be explored.  There are more Whites in real numbers than people of color on Welfare and Food Stamps; so more poor Whites.  Out of the 10 million interactions that happen every year between cops and people in America, more Whites are killed in the course of doing their jobs than Blacks.  While every death is tragic, the reality is that killings by cops of people of all colors are a small percentage of daily experience.   So, clearly, cops are doing what they can to prevent killings.   

Certainly, Whites living today, millions of whom are the descendants of Immigrants that came to America long after slavery ended in 1865 were not even in the United States when Democrats in the South owned slaves and later enacted the Jim Crow laws that imposed harsh treatment on freed slaves.  Immigrants who came to America had nothing to do with the Ku Klux Klan that murdered Blacks.  Those were all nativist Democrats who hated Blacks, Catholics, Jews and many other Immigrant groups.

Yet, Whites in America are under attack.  In many schools, White children are being shamed.  This has to stop.  Unfortunately, the Cancel Culture, Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project are revisionist history that are full of lies.  Parents of all races who encounter this BS in their local public schools must rise up to stop this crap from being taught.   School Boards that advance this racist propaganda must be voted out of office.  Being White in America is no crime.  There are good Whites and bad Whites and the same is true for people of all colors.  

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