Sunday, April 4, 2021

The Biden Crime Family - The Story Gets Worse By The Day

The story gets worse by the day related to the Biden Crime Family.  First, there is son Hunter Biden's computer.  Joe Biden has tried to say is was a Russian plant.  Then of course, Hunter Biden comes out and says No, it could be his computer.   The fact is the computer now in the possession of the FBI belongs to Hunter Biden.  That has been confirmed, but not necessarily reported by Fake News attempting to protect the Biden's.

Then what is really sickening is the affair of many that Hunter Biden had with the wife of his dead brother Beau.  He claims they got together after he came out of drug rehabilitation and while she was in great need after suffering the loss of her husband who died of brain cancer.  Aside from the poor judgement of both of them, how on earth can Joe Biden be happy about any of this.  His son Hunter took advantage of a poor grieving woman to satisfy his sexual needs. It really is pretty disgusting.  Remember, Hunter is the guy who had to pay off a woman for fathering their illegitimate child.  Hunter begged his father to approve of the affair with Beau's wife, which eventually Joe Biden reluctantly did after thinking about the political consequences.  This is one very sick family.  Imagine how their children and Joe's grandchildren dealt with all of this. 

And, of course there are the real pay to play schemes with China and Ukraine and perhaps other countries, as well.  Hunter Biden used his dad's connections to make millions of dollars.  Ole, Joe is reporting to have received 10% off the top.  Joe Biden was the Capo of the crime family raking in the dough to make millions to pay for that beach house in Delaware.  It certainly did not happen on Biden's salary while working in government for 45 years.  Deep state corruption; but nothing unusual in the DC swamp.

This Blogger contends that Joe Biden will be gone in 12 months for one of three reasons.  He will die a natural death, be removed by utilization of the 25th amendment for dementia, or Biden will be forced to resign for all his crime family activities.  One way or another, Joe Biden is going down. In the meantime, I suspect Joe Biden wishes that his son Hunter would just shut the hell up and go away. 

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