Friday, April 9, 2021

Where Is Kamela Harris

Kamela Harris has been assigned the task of dealing with the border crisis; yet she is no where to be seen near the border.  President Trump was hands on and visited the border many times to see first hand the building of the wall and what we were facing at the border.  Given the crisis at the border, Biden should be down there meeting with border Governors and the border patrol to get first hand information about the illegal alien invasion taking place including thousand of young unaccompanied children crossing our border.  They are being held in the cages built by Obama.  It truly is a sad humanitarian crisis.  The drug cartels are making millions of dollars a day smuggling adults, kids and drugs into our country.

We are being invaded.  We should face this problem as though a foreign country was invading our country.  The border state governors are prepared to send in the national guard.  But Biden Harris need to send in the army to stop the invasion.  Instead, Biden Harris are spending millions of dollars a day to house, feed and cloth the invaders.  What is wrong with this picture. 

Specific to laughing hyena Kamela Harris, this is her first test as Vice President.  So far she has failed miserably to measure up to the job.  Harris needs to get her butt down to the border to see what is happening first hand.  Harris then needs to put forth solutions to stop the invasion.  There is talk in the Biden Administration specific to starting up building the wall again to complete it.  Well dah!  The money has already been approved.  The contractors can go back to work tomorrow.  President Trump was getting the job done to secure our border.  From the day Biden Harris took office, it has been a disaster.    

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