Wednesday, April 28, 2021

The National Socialists Weaponizing the DOJ, FBI and IRS

Isn't it interesting that the Clinton's, the Biden Crime Family and so many other Deep State cronies at the FBI, DOJ and IRS walk free, while these same agencies go after Republicans on "trumped" up charges.  In the latest gestapo abuse of power, the FBI raided the home of Rudy Giuliani, one of President Trump's attorneys.  In doing so they confiscated his electronic devices including computers, IPhone etc.  Anything on those devices specific to his client,  President Trump would have attorney client privilege; but none of that matters specific to a weaponized FBI.  Ironically, they did not take any hard drives containing information Hunter Biden, the President's crooked son. 

Now Biden wants to hire thousands of IRS agents presumably to go after his enemies; hard working people that make money and don't donate it to the National Socialists.  Remember, it was the IRS during the Obama Administration that targeted Conservative organizations intentionally harassing them.  Just imagine what several thousand more IRS agents will do to make life miserable for many Americans under the direction of the National Socialists.

Watch the Congressional hearings on CSPAN.  You will see the Deep State in action.  They discuss billions of dollars going to all their cronies in government and to the largest corporations in America.  You can see both political parties feeding at the trough live as they congratulate each other related to all the money they are stealing from American tax payers so they can live the high life.  They are bankrupting our country.  

There is no program too big that does not need more money and more government employees to run the program.  The bigger government gets, the less freedom we all have.  The National Socialists are out to destroy our country.  They will use a weaponized FBI, DOJ and IRS to go after their "enemies", which is everyone that opposes their Socialist Schemes.  Our freedoms are under attack.  These are very dangerous times in our country.  

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