Tuesday, April 27, 2021

US Military Is In 150 Countries

The United States military is now operational one way or another in 150 countries.  Somehow our country is involved in 93 wars going on around the world.  This is a Pax Americana unlike anything the world has ever seen.  The question is why?  All of this is being done in the name of National Security.  The Deep State hated President Trump because he questioned all of this military involvement supported by the military industrial complex, which includes companies in the defense industry making billions of dollars every year pumping out new and improved weapons systems.  Is it any wonder that both Russia and China feel threatened by our aggressive posture. 

Why are we still defending Europe when Germany, the largest economy in Europe does not pay their fair share for national defense.  The EU combined has an economy that is significantly larger than Russia's, the enemy that presumably must be feared.  Both Britain and France have nuclear weapons that can serve as a deterrent to Russia's nuclear arms.   Yet, as the leader of NATO, the United States tax payer foots most of the bill for defending Europe.   Trump was right.  This is dumb.  I am not saying we should step away from Europe; but rather that they should be paying for their own national defense.  

There are significant economies in Asia Pacific that can act to balance China.  Japan, South Korea, India, Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan and even Viet Nam can work together under US leadership to provide for their own defense.  The US can supply the nuclear umbrella; but these countries need to build up their conventional forces to counter China's large army and navy.  Why is the American tax payer subsiding all of these relatively rich countries.

The Deep State bureaucracy will say that the US Military must be everywhere to protect our National Security.  Yes, we do need to protect our National Security; but we need to be smart about it.  Our allies need to step up to the plate spending a lot more to protect themselves.  All Pax Americana has done is get our nation into endless wars.  It has to stop.  

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