Friday, April 23, 2021

Climate Change - Global Socialist Scheme To Raise Taxes

Whenever you hear the National Socialists talk about Climate Change, hold on to your wallet.  This is one gigantic Socialist Scheme to redistribute wealth by raising all sorts of taxes in first world countries and redistributing our hard earned money to third world countries in the name of social justice.  This is global welfare on steroids.  

The end result will be a lower standard of living for everyone in the United States and millions of jobs shipped overseas to China; the big winner in all of this.  China produces those solar panels and wind turbines that the Socialists in the US keep talking about.  Our cost of labor is just too high to compete so those industries are long gone.  

Without oil, natural gas and coal, which make the US energy independent, we will see the cost of all energy go through the roof.  That means we will have less disposable income to buy food, housing, clothing and every other necessity of life.  And, forget about having any money to spend on fun.  We will be lucky to just get by after the National Socialists implement their Green New Deal.

China also controls most of the minerals needed to make batteries for all those expensive electric cars we will be driving.  So instead of being dependent on the Middle East for oil as was the case for decades, we will be dependent on China, an enemy for the raw materials to make batteries.  

Nothing good will come out of the Green New Deal.  There will be very little impact on the environment, which scientists admit.  Millions of Americans will lose their jobs.  We will experience a lower standard of living.  The poor will just get poorer and that will lead to more social  unrest.  The American people better wake up before it is too late.  The National Socialists are out to destroy our country.  

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