Thursday, April 1, 2021

The George Floyd Story - Innocent Until Proven Guilty

It is tragic when anybody is killed unless it is the only way to stop a crime.  The problem is that now race seems to enter into every discussion whether warranted or not.  The George Floyd case is one of those examples.  The good news is that there is video documenting every aspect of this case.  First, apparently George Floyd attempted to pass a counterfeit $20 bill to buy cigarettes.  The store manager ultimately called the police when Floyd refused to come back into the store to rectify the problem.  When the police arrived, they found a drugged out George Floyd in a car across the street with two other people in the car; one of whom apparently was his drug dealer, who also had a criminal record.   

The drug dealer has now taken the 5th and is refusing to testify for fear of incriminating himself.  It is very clear in the video as the officers were attempting to arrest Floyd that he was both incoherent and resisted arrest.  Once they got Floyd across the street, the cops attempted to get Floyd into the back seat of the police SUV, which he resisted.  Not even three officers were able to get him into the car.  Once they pushed him into the SUV, which was a struggle, rather than sit on the seat, he proceeded to lay down on the floor.  Since Floyd was 6 foot 4 inches tall, it was impossible to close the car door.  

So the officers dragged him out of the car and put him on the ground to try to calm him down.  The cops knew he was drugged out.  They placed their knees on his body to keep him still including the one officer, Derek Chavin, who had his knee on his neck.  By the way, they did exactly as they were trained to do.  Most important, the autopsy showed that George Floyd did not die of suffocation as alleged by the prosecution.  Floyd apparently died of a heart attack that was induced by the large quantities of pentynyl and amphetamines in his system.  Floyd's girlfriend of three years testified that both she and Floyd had a serious drug addiction problem. 

And further, Floyd had been convicted of 8 serious crimes including armed robbery, which is probably the reason he was resisting arrest.  Floyd did not want to go back to prison.  While this is a horrible situation, the cop, Derek Chavin is not guilty of any of the charges against him.  Hopefully, Black leaders around the country will support justice in this case.  Chavin was just doing his job, the same as he would have done regardless of race.   Of course, if Chavin is acquitted, which is what should happen, BLM and Antifa Terrorists will riot, loot and burn down cities, which makes this story even more tragic.    

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