Friday, April 16, 2021

Gun Violence and Societal Problems

Here we go again.  Another mass shooting, this time in Indianapolis.  8 people dead.  A 19 year old man with mental issues committed the crime and then killed himself.  Of course, the National Socialists will use yet again use this as an example of gun violence as an excuse to take our guns, instead of facing up to the societal problems that are at the root of gun violence.  

More often than not there are dysfunctional families, substance abuse and or mental illness underlying all types of gun violence not just mass shootings.  7 out of 10 Black babies, 5 out of 10 Hispanic babies and 4 out of 10 White babies are born out of wedlock usually into poverty.  Many, many families experience child abuse as a result of alcohol or drug abuse somewhere in the family.  And, then there are lousy inner city public schools with kids trapped in them.   Let's not forget about all the violence kids see in video games and on TV from a very young age. 

Life is sadly cheap in our country.  70 million babies killed since Roe V Wade. Inner city and Black on black crime usually the result of fighting over drug turf kills thousands each year.  Yes, there is a small number of cops that kill people in the course of doing their job; but nothing compared to those that die as a result of crime and drug addiction.  All lives matter; but unless and until we face up to the reality of societal problems, we will not see any change.  Additional gun laws will make little difference especially since we don't even enforce the laws on the books now.

Reasonable gun laws will do nothing to address the underlying causes of gun violence.  We have to be honest about the societal problems we face and be able to say certain behaviors are just plain wrong without describing criticism as "racist".  Having children out of wedlock is wrong because it often leads to poverty.   Practicing a culture of death rather than life is wrong because it makes life cheap.  Those videos games and movies that glorify killing are wrong because it turns death into a game.  Substance abuse is a curse that must be cured.  Mental illness must be spotted early in our schools and treated. Unless and until we are honest and deal with these issues, we will continue to see gun violence and more deaths.  

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