Saturday, April 3, 2021

Major League Baseball & Some Big Companies Oppose Election Integrity

Major League Baseball announced it would move its All Star Game from Atlanta because the state of Georgia has enacted laws in insure election integrity.  Coca Cola, Delta and American Airlines and perhaps other big companies have also condemned the new law that does not suppress the vote; but rather just insures that those voting are legitimate.  Funny, these same big companies have no problem doing business in China where there are no free elections, genocide and their people are monitored 7/24 and punished if they don't tow the Communist Party line. After the election of 2020 and all the shenanigans that took place so much so that half the country still believes that the election was stolen from President Trump, if we don't have election integrity our democracy is dead and that is dangerous.

We must have voter ID to vote.  ID is needed to do just about everything else in our country.  We have to make sure that the dead are not voting as occurred in Nevada and other states.  We need to know for sure that illegal alien are not voting especially now that we are experiencing an invasion of our country.  We need to be sure that only people in a state that are eligible to vote are voting.  And, we cannot lose the chain of custody related to ballots.  So, if there are drop off points, they should be in government buildings, not just some parking lot.  Finally, we must outlaw ballot harvesting that allows partisans to gather ballots and vote them.  Absentee Ballots are fine as long as they come with ID to get them.  And, we should not be counting votes after election day.  Election Day is election day.  Ballots received after Election Day should not be counted.

These are common sense concepts to insure that we have voter integrity.  We cannot have half the country, probably the losing half distrustful of our election processes.  Big Companies need to be on the side of election integrity.  If they play this game, they will lose customers.  That is pretty dumb.  

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