Friday, April 9, 2021

National Socialists Packing The Supreme Court

President Franklin Roosevelt attempted to pack the Supreme Court after the court kept striking down his Socialist schemes.  It never happened; but it did send a message so that going forward the Justices finally approved a lot of Roosevelt's schemes.  The same thing is happening again.  Joe Biden has appointed a commission of left wing Socialists to review "reforming the courts" including the potential for adding up to 6 left wing Justices to the Supreme Court. 

Whether it happens or not, the prospect has neutered the court as some Conservatives led by Chief Justice RINO John Roberts refused to hear 2020 election fraud cases.   They got the message load and clear.   There will be critical cases concerning abortion, gun rights, religious freedom etc. that will come before the Supreme Court soon and the message to the Justices is rule our way, or the National Socialists will pack the court.  As long as the filibuster remains in place in the Senate, it will not happen; but just the threat of it helps the Socialists raise millions of dollars from their lunatic base and keeps the court voting their way. 

We face a danger to our democracy like never before since the Civil War.  The National Socialist Fascists along with their Deep State allies; big business including Big Tech, Fake News, government bureaucracy and public employee unions are determined to impose their will on the half the country that does not support their Socialist Schemes.  They will lie, cheat, steal and commit election fraud to get their way.  Packing the Supreme Court is a real threat to our freedoms.  The National Socialists will do if they can get away with it.  We can't let them pack the court.  

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