Thursday, April 15, 2021

Law & Order Has Broken Down

We are facing very dangerous times in our country.  National Socialists continue to tolerate rioting, looting and burning down our cities. Even if some criminals are arrested, they are often released without bail and back on the streets to continue their mayhem.  Cops have been murdered.  People are resisting arrest in the name of Black Lives Matter, which insures more violence and even deaths.   The National Socialists that want to defund our police are playing with fire, while at the same time they want to take our guns away.  

People need guns now more than ever for self protection.  The lawlessness we see on our streets is an indication that law and order has broken down.  Civil society is eroding.  It is time for Joe Biden to say Enough.   If needed, Governors and or Biden should declare Marshall Law.  Peaceful protests are fine; but allowing riots, looting and arson is not fine.  The longer this goes on the more likely there will be more deaths. 

The National Socialists must stop making the cops into villains.  No doubt, cops in America have thousands of interactions every day with people in our country without incident.   The notion of eliminating partial immunity protection for cops is ridiculous.  Cities or states that do it will end up with no cops.   The cops will quit because they would face constant lawsuits threatening everything they own.  Defunding the cops will automatically occur in these places because there will be no cops to fund.  

Finally, the National Socialists must stop making every issue about race.  The fact is that 7 out of 10 Black babies are born out of wedlock usually into poverty.  Inner city public schools stink.  These parents need School Choice to get their kids into quality schools.  Until we deal with these societal issues, Black Lives Matter is a pipe dream.  

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