Friday, April 2, 2021

Black Supremist Attacks Capitol

Noah Green, a 25 year old Black man and member of the radical Nation of Islam headed by racist Louis Farrakhan attacked the Capitol building killing one Capitol Police officer and injuring another.  So now, we have to see how the National Socialists, Fake News and the Deep State treat this attack.  Obviously, Farrakhan is a Black Supremist who hates Whites and Jews in particular.   So now when the riot occurred on January 6 at the Capitol half the country, Trump voters were condemned as White Supremists.  None of that we true; but it did not stop the left from claiming it. 

In this case, Capitol Police killed a Black man who attacked the Capitol.  So, are we going to see calls for a trial of the Capitol Police who took down this attacker.  Hopefully not; but the fact that the man who was killed was Black will no doubt lead to calls by some on the left to call for "Justice".   This will probably mean that the $2 billion requested to protect members of Congress, the ruling class in our country, will be approved.  The National Socialists in particular are terrified of insurrection because they know that half the country does not support their radical Socialist schemes.  With each bill they enact without Republican support, they will radicalize more people and we will see more attacks on them and the Capitol.  It is inevitable as they seek to limit our freedoms.

At some point, the public will have no access to the Capitol or other government buildings in Washington DC.   I do believe that there should be the same level of security at the Capitol and the Supreme Court that exists at the White House.  There are many radical groups on the left including Antifa and BLM and on the right including Qunon, Proud Boys etc. that are preaching revolution.  We do need a MAGA America First peaceful revolution to restore the greatness of our country; but if we end up with a real revolution, it will result in the dissolution of the United States.  We may get there anyway with economic collapse that could very well be coming; but hopefully we can avoid bloodshed.  800,000 people died in the Civil War.  Repeating that story would not be good for anyone especially since though slavery was ended, it did not result in racial equality for another 100 years.  

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