Monday, April 26, 2021

John Kerry Is A Major National Security Risk

Iranian government officials have confirmed that when brie eating, kept man John Kerry was Secretary of State during the Obama administration, he advised the Iranian government of more than 200 covert actions taken by Israel in Syria.  Israel is our closest ally in the Middle East.  Kerry betrayed them and put Israeli lives and security at risk.  We also know that Kerry had secret discussions with the Iranians in violation of the Logan Act while Trump was President. Kerry is of course denying all of this because he knows it is so bad that he will have to resign his Biden Administration post.  

Can you even imagine if a Republican Secretary of State had done any of these things.  The National Socialists and Fake News would want him tried for treason.   Since Kerry is now Biden's Climate Czar, there should be immediate calls for his resignation; but we hear crickets.  When the Biden Administration was asked to comment on all of this, their response was "we don't comment on leaked information".  That is really rich since National Socialist members of Congress regularly leaked classified information while Trump was President. 

The double standard we see in the Washington DC swamp is obvious.  The Deep State always protects their own.  John Kerry is a national security risk.  Kerry has proven over and over again that he cannot be trusted with classified information.  Kerry is now jetting around the world talking with world leaders supposedly about climate change; but who knows what other secrets Kerry is revealing to win favor with them.  Kerry has a big mouth and needs to be loved by our enemies.  It would be hard to imagine any of our allies providing any confidential information to John Kerry.  As a result, Kerry must resign his position NOW.  This whole story requires a Congressional investigation; but don't count on it with the Socialists in control. 


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