Sunday, April 25, 2021

Time To Burn Your Face Masks

As more and more of the population has been vaccinated for Covid, it is finally time to burn your face mask.  Many states no longer require face masks both indoors or outdoors, though some businesses have not yet gotten the message.   Many restaurants are serving food indoors with no social distancing requirement.  Some are requiring a mask until sitting down at the table.  Since my wife and I have been vaccinated, we are not wearing any face mask any more unless required to enter a business.  The churches we have been to in various states are no longer requiring reservations, social distancing or requiring masks, though there are still some people wearing them.

Dr. Fauci, who President Trump should have fired keeps changing his story.  At this point, it is hard to tell what the Center for Disease Control position is on wearing masks.  What is ridiculous is that many National Socialist politicians and members of the Fake News Press continue to wear mask when they are not even near anyone.  This is just plain stupid.

We have to get back to normal.  People who have been vaccinated should have little to fear; otherwise, why in the hell did we wait months in line to get the shots.  A booster shot a year from now is probable just like getting annual flu shots; but otherwise, it is time for all schools and states to open up for business.  We are mad as hell and we just can't take it anymore

Most people that have gotten Covid have had mild symptoms, or flu like symptoms.  Yes, more than 500,000 people have died of Covid most of whom were over 70 with other illnesses.  All deaths are tragic; but in the process we have destroyed lives and businesses never to return again.  We learned recently that there was no reason to close schools because kids are not transmitters.  Those kids and particularly poor inner city kids have lost a whole year of learning unnecessarily.  Covid was used as a "crisis" by the National Socialists to fund trillions of dollars of Socialist Schemes and pork.  It is disgraceful.  I for one will keep a mask handy; but I am looking forward to burning my mask and returning it to the ash heap of history. 

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