Tuesday, April 13, 2021

LatinX - It Just Keeps Getting Dumber

As we see rioting, looting and our cities burning down and our country being invaded by thousands of illegal aliens, we now learn that the word Latino is no longer allowed in the politically correct Cancel Culture.  The National Socialists and their Deep State cronies are now using the word LatinX because the "o" on the end of Latino is masculine.  They can tolerate the word Latina because it is feminine to a refer to a Hispanic woman; but Latinos must be erased from our vernacular.  It just keeps getting dumber by the day.  

The plural for LatinX would have to be LatinX's or maybe LatinXers as opposed to Latinos.  But one day soon the PC crowd will figure out that the word Latin comes from the Roman Empire and is part of Western Civilization that must also be erased from history as evil.  Sometime soon, they will have to come up with a different word.  They could use Hispanic except that this word ties to Spain, a European, "White" country that enslaved the native Aztecs and Inca's.  It does not matter that these civilizations had slaves and implemented human sacrifices when the Spanish arrived.  Forgettaboutit.  By the way, we can't call them Indians because the Spanish named them that thinking they had discovered India instead of the New World.  Sorry, can't say New World because it implies that their were no civilization in America before the European explorers came.  

And, then there is the word Mexican and Mexico, which is a derivative of the word Mestizo, which meant mixed race as the Spanish inter-married with peoples of the New World.  Of course, it was New to them.  Since the Spanish were involved, not sure the words Mexican, Mexico or Mestizo are acceptable either.  Maybe Mexico should be renamed as Azteca.  

I suppose they could lump all peoples in the New World calling them Native Americans; but wait a minute the word American comes from the name Amerigo Vespucci, the map maker who charted the lands of the New World and he was Italian.  Oh no, we can no longer be called the United States of America because that would be an acknowledgment of Western Civilization.   

As Forest Gump always said, Stupid is as Stupid Does.  And, God knows in coming up with the word LatinX, we have reached new levels of stupid.  Just show what happens when half the country are potheads.   We can see the destruction of brain cells before our eyes.

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