Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Covid Passport - Big Tech Is Salivating

It has been reported that Big Tech companies IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and Salesforce are all bidding on government business to create the Covid Passport that we would all have on our I Phones to prove that we have been vaccinated.  First, the Covid Vaccine should not be mandatory so that is a violation of our rights that is unacceptable. But beyond that presumably we would be required to flash our phone over some type of monitor to enter a store, church, school,  airport, hotel etc. etc.  Naturally, which ever company wins the bid will be paid billions of dollars one way or another either from us directly, or by the government, which is us.  It is important to remember that IBM Germany actually cooperated with the NAZI's in collecting data on German citizens identifying Jews in their national census who eventually were murdered in the Holocaust.  Sound familiar.  

For once, Republicans and the American Civil Liberties Union are on the same page.  Both are completely opposed to this Gestapo big government over reach.  By the way, China already does this sort of thing to track all of their citizens and what they are doing.  Those that do not do as the Communists want face major penalties and even prison.  The National Socialists are attempting to use the Covid "Crisis" to turn our country into a Fascist nation controlled by them and the Deep State. 

This latest attempt to control all aspects of daily life as happens in Communist China along with the Cancel Culture and the Censorship that is happening is the most dangerous threat to our freedoms in American history.  As President Ronald Reagan used to say, "we are just one generation away from losing our freedoms".  We must stop these Fascists from turning our country into NAZI Germany as occurred in 1933 when Hitler took over.   We know the end of that story as 60 million people were killed in World War II.  

We need to make June 14, President Trump's birthday, our National MAGA America First Day to march on Washington DC and in other cities.  It will scare the hell out out of the National Socialists and the Deep State because they now fear insurrection.  But we must make our voices heard locally where we live and in DC.  We cannot let them take our freedoms from us.  We must rise up peacefully to say Hell No! 


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