Saturday, March 6, 2021

Title IX Protections for Women

In 1972, Title IX was added to Civil Rights protections specifically to prohibit discrimination based on sex.  While there are many applications of this law, it was aimed at protecting women's right.  In particular, to that date all the monies in high school and college education were going into sports focused on men with little or nothing being spent on women's sports.  This meant that women could not gain scholarships through excelling in sports.  That all changed with the passage of Title IX.

Since then, all high schools and colleges receiving federal monies offer opportunities for women to participate and compete in numerous sports.   It was all going along very well until some biological men decided that they were really women and demanded to compete in women's sports rather than participating in men's sports. These so call transgender men/women are often bigger and stronger than the women they are competing against denying women the chance to win their competitions.  This has an enormous impact on women's abilities to earn scholarships.   Now we are talking money.  

No doubt, this one is going to the Supreme Court.  No one is saying that transgender men cannot compete in sports; but since they are biological men no matter what is in their heads concerning their sexuality, they should have to compete in men's sports.  This may come down to X and Y chromosomes.  Women have spent decades fighting for equal rights.  Now we have the PC Cancel Culture Fascists insisting that transgender men should be able to compete in women's sports, use women's locker rooms etc.  This is crazy.  Where is the left wing National Organization for Women and other women's groups.  Hopefully, the courts will right this wrong.  But don't count on it.  It would appear that women could lose this battle unless women rise up to protect their rights.  

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