Saturday, March 27, 2021

World War II - Who Really Won - Germany & China

60 million people died in World War II including 20 million Russians and 6 million Jews in the Holocaust.  It has been 76 years since the end of World War II; but as we look back on history, the question is who really won the war.  The Allies led by the United States defeated Fascism in Germany, Italy and Japan and clearly emerged from the war as the only global super power.  The American people then spent trillions of dollar in treasure and blood to rebuild the rest of the world.  We did get a return on that investment for about three decades, which created the middle class in the United States; but after then because of many stupid politicians of both parties, we surrendered our dominance as a result of various America Last Policies.  

So where are we now. Germany basically controls Western Europe by dominating the European Union.  Other countries in Europe represent Germany's biggest export markets.  What Hitler could not get through war and conquest, the bankers got through controlling the money supply in Europe.   What irony.  Russia that wasted 67 years on Communism and a failed economic system is basically a poor smaller country with nuclear weapons, which is the only reason they matter.  Britain and France lost their empires long ago and though they have decent small economies, they each would not even compare to the economy of California.  Europe is basically Socialist as the people traded their freedoms for economic security and cradle to grave government care.  Japan and South Korea, both protected by the United States have reasonably large, but in Japan's case a declining economy.  

That leaves the United States and China.  The United States is now $30 Trillion in debt with no end in sight with many social problems.  The National Socialists are attempting to turn the United States into a Socialist country not a lot different than NAZI Germany complete with censorship and the Cancel Culture intent on rewriting history in accordance with their left wing ideology.  Much of the Press is now Socialist Fake News that spews Socialist propaganda 7/24.  Our country is being invaded by illegal aliens.  We can't trust our elections because of voter fraud.  Our democracy that so many died to preserve is dying. 

While the United States appears to be in decline, China completely devastated after World War II is on the rise.  We have let the Communist Chinese steal our industries and our jobs.  They are now the banker to the world including the United States that must borrow trillions of dollars to pay our bills.  Yes, we have a great military, but so did the Soviet Union when it collapsed.  So we must conclude that Germany and China actually won World War II at our expense.  What other conclusion can there be.    

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