Monday, March 8, 2021

Big Pharma Making Billions on Covid Vaccine

Big Pharma was given billions of dollars by the Trump Administration to develop Covid Vaccines under Project Warp Speed in record time.  They virtually had no risk to make this vaccine happen.  And, then the federal government prepaid billions of dollars to Big Pharma for the vaccines that are being made available free of charge.  My doctor told me that he is being paid $20 by the medical insurance providers to actually get the shot into someone's arm.   So very little money is actually going to the provider.  

It it any wonder that Big Pharma was totally opposed to the malaria pill cocktail, which includes a two week supply of the malaria pills, a 5 day supply of ZPack antibiotics, which with my medical insurance coverage cost $14 in total.  These pills are taken along with Zinc, Vitamin D and Baby Aspirin, which I already take at the first sign of Covid.  This treatment has been used all over the world successfully long before the American Medical Association endorsed it about a month after the election.  Go figure.  

Big Pharma's stocks are doing very well and and why not.   They were paid billions of dollars to develop the Covid vaccine by the federal government.  And, now rather than selling the vaccine almost like a generic drug really cheap, since they had no cost of development, they are selling it for top dollar, which is allowing them to make billions of dollars in profit.  

What is wrong with this picture.  The American tax payer paid to develop the Covid vaccine.  And now, the American tax payer is paying top dollar to actually buy it since the federal government is footing the bill to make the vaccine "free" to all.  This is one deal that Trump could have done better.  Since We The People paid to develop the vaccine, it should automatically have been deemed a generic drug.  It should cost the government no more than $10 instead of the $30 - $40 Big Pharma is being paid.  This is another classic case where the American tax payer is getting screwed by Big Business.   This should not be happening.  

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