Monday, March 1, 2021

National Socialists Enacting HR 1 - The Big Steal Election Law

National Socialists in Congress are well aware that they were able to use voter fraud in some key states in the name of the Covid "emergency" to steal the election from Donald Trump.  Now, they want to use those same crooked methods all over the country by enacting HR 1, which should be called the Big Steal Election Law.   Rather than allowing states to run their own elections as required by the Constitution, they want to prohibit states from requiring Voter ID and matching signatures,  They want to make mail out ballot's without a voter's request mandatory.  And, of course, they want to codify ballot harvesting allowing their Peep's to gather up ballots and vote them.  Under this law, states are prohibited from cleaning up their voter roles so ballots will be sent out to the dead along with people that have moved out of state.  And, illegal aliens will be voting.  

Under this law elections will not begin and end on election day.  The Socialists want weeks to send in ballots before an election to unmanned collection boxes and then 10 days after election day to count the votes.  This would give them the time they need to dig up the ballots they need to win the election once they see how many votes they are short as occurred in 2020.  The dead along with illegal aliens voted in 2020 in various states.  These procedures will insure that many of those mailed out ballots will be cast fraudulently as occurred in 2020.  This law also provides for public financing of elections.  So taxpayers will be forced to pay for their campaigns to stay in office forever. 

Republicans in the Senate must use the filibuster to stop HR 1 once it lands there.  If this law is allowed to pass, it will be the end of our democracy and eventually our country.  If we don't have election integrity, it will lead to violence and the dissolution of the United States.  Red states will secede because their residents will demand it.  HR I will insure that Republicans will never win an election again.  Of course, that is exactly the National Socialists' objective.  They want to turn the whole country into California, a one party state and Socialist Fascist dictatorship.   We can't let that happen. 

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