Thursday, March 11, 2021

Biden - A Covid Broken Record

Biden gave his first national speech since taking office and he spent all of 24 minutes talking about the Covid "Crisis".  Frankly, it was old news.  We know the vaccines are now available as a result of Project Warp Speed.  Thank You President Trump.  We know that millions of people are getting the vaccine.  Thank You President Trump.  We know that the National Socialists passed a $1.9 Trillion SwindleUs Plan and that only 9% of the money is going to anything having to do with Covid.  All the rest of the money is for Socialist Schemes primarily to benefit blue states and all their pals feeding at the trough

What Biden did not do was tell the teachers to get the hell back to work to open schools because he is owned by the teacher unions. There was no mention of the real crisis at the border as we face an invasion of illegal aliens.  No mention of preventing Iran from getting nuclear weapons.  No mention of dealing with China that is stealing our technology and again taking millions of jobs from our country.  Biden got through the speech ok; but he said nothing much that mattered.  

Biden is attempting to milk the Covid "Crisis" as long as he can to prevent any focus on the other real problems we face.  Vice President Harris is doing calls with foreign leader to cover for Biden.  Maybe that is good thing because eventually she will take over and she has no foreign policy experience.   Getting to know foreign leaders may make it easier when the day comes soon that Biden will leave office one way or another.  This Blogger predicts Biden will be gone within 12 months; natural death, the 25th Amendment, or forced to resign for family corruption.  

Poor Joe,   Biden is in way over his head with obvious dementia.  He is puppet being manipulated by the National Socialists and the Deep State.  China owns Joe Biden as a result of family Pay to Play Schemes.  The Chinese were thrilled when Biden was sort of elected.  They hated Trump who was the first President to take on China.  Nothing meaningful has been done since and nothing will be done related to China as long as Biden Harris are in office.  

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