Monday, March 22, 2021

Public Schools Opening In California - April 1

The teacher unions in California have agreed to go back to work on April 1, 2021 to finally open public schools for business as usual.  They got billions of dollars from the Biden Administration as a bribe and of course, there is Governor Gruesome Newsom's Recall Election that will come up some time this year.  There is no way the Socialists in California could keep the schools closed and have any hope of Newsom surviving the recall vote. 

The fact that the CDC came out and said a few months ago that schools could be open because kids are not transmitters of the virus whether staff is vaccinated or not also made it hard for the Socialists to argue the "science" as they have been doing for more than a year.  Think of the misery that characters like Dr. Fauci and others have caused our country particularly related to schools being closed for a year when none of it was necessary. 

But what is happening in California is political reality.  There is a very good chance that Newsom will not survive the Recall vote.  If the schools did not open up, parents would be so angry that they would have voted to throw Newsom out of office.  Even so, Newsome still may not survive.  So many businesses have been destroyed in California and you can bet that those business owners and their families and employees will vote to get rid of Newsom.  Just maybe justice will be done soon.  

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