Thursday, March 4, 2021

National Socialists Radical Agenda

The National Socialists are moving forward with their radical agenda even though they really do not have a mandate to do so.  Let's not forget that half the country voted for Trump and probably more if there had been election integrity.  The Republicans picked up 15 seats in the House, retained control of 50 seats in the Senate and gained two state legislatures and a Governorship.  Other than losing the Presidency by voter fraud, 2020 was a pretty good election year for Republicans.

Nevertheless, Biden and the National Socialists are pushing through incredible pork barrel spending to reward their Blue State buddies,  opening up the border causing an illegal alien invasion, spending more money on tax payer funded abortion,  destroying the carbon energy industry raising all energy prices, moving to limit our gun rights and in general moving to an America Last policy that will result in millions of jobs being shipped to China and other countries.  

And, what is worse they are attempting to nationalize the voter fraud we saw in some key states, which cost Trump the Presidency.  The National Socialists have learned how to steal elections so now they want to make it illegal for states to maintain control of their elections as required by the Constitution.  And sadly, there is a pretty good chance that SCOTUS will go along because they fear court packing.  Conservatives on the Supreme Court have proven themselves gutless to protect election integrity and the Constitution.  

We are in for some really tough times that could lead to more violence as the National Socialists continue to push for censorship and the Cancel Culture that will not work in Fly Over Country.  Their actions will radicalize more people, which is not good.  There should be legal protests to demand that National Socialists cease and desist.  And of course, in 2022 and 2024, we must take back the Congress and the Presidency to stop all the lunacy we see happening.  

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