Thursday, March 25, 2021

Biden's First Press Conference

Biden's long awaited first press conference was no surprise.  All Biden needed to do was get through it, which he actually did pretty well with notes prepared for him, though there was lots of lies and BS.  And at times, Biden's dementia was obvious.   An adoring Fake New Press provided some decent questions; but many of the hard questions were avoided to protect Biden from any really tough issues.  The press did not ask one question about the Biden crime family.  Biden said North Korea was his biggest foreign policy challenge.  Really.  One would think that China, Russia or Iran would be higher on the list.  

Not sure that Biden understands the crisis on the border we face as illegal aliens continue their invasion of our country, which he caused.  And, now Mexico will not let them back into Mexico, the deal they struck with Trump.  And, why should they when Biden has basically opened our border.  Biden announced that he has assigned Kamela Harris to deal with the border crisis.  Really.  So, will Harris will be going to Mexico soon when their President Obrador has blamed Biden for the crisis.  Don't think Harris speaks Spanish; but no a problem because Obrador speaks English. 

Biden spoke of his $1.9 Trillion SwindleUs Plan that passed without one single Republican vote with great pride.  This bill was a Socialist pork fest so no wonder it makes him and them happy.  Biden says he wants to be a Uniter to work with Republicans; but that can't happen with all the Socialist Schemes they keep pushing.   Biden has the support of half the country.  The other half of the country, those of us that voted for Trump oppose all of his initiatives.  We are don't support big government Socialism, an open border, more gun control, abortion right up until birth and even after.  So, expecting Republicans to support any of this is DOA.  

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