Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Socialist Cities & States Eliminating Qualified Immunity For Cops

Government officials have qualified immunity to protect them from lawsuits for their stupid actions, however, various Socialist Cities, including New York City and States are now considering the elimination of qualified immunity for Cops.  This would mean that any interaction a cop has with a criminal, or anybody else could expose that Cop to a lawsuit in essence for perceived, or real malpractice.  The average Cop in the United States earns $70,000.  So why would anyone want to be a Cop knowing that these lawsuits could cause bankruptcy.  

This is insane.  It is one thing to sue the city, which happens all the time when we see multi million dollar settlements when Cops do something wrong; but the notion that the Cop personally could be the subject of perhaps hundreds of frivolous lawsuits a year creates an impossible job liability.  If these laws are enacted cities or states that do so, they will find themselves with no Cops.  And, or Cops or their unions will have to buy malpractice insurance at some outrageous policy cost, which is just not feasible.  

Instead, those that choose to continue a career in law enforcement will move on to other cities and states that still provide them immunity.   So cities and states that eliminate immunity for Cops will find themselves with very high crime.  People who live in these cities will have to hire private security to protect themselves and or start to carry guns for self protection because there will be no Cops on the beat.  Calling 911 will result in a recording that says sorry, there is no one we can send out to help you.  This is crazy.  

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