Monday, March 15, 2021

Biden's Border Crisis - Worse Each Day

Biden and team refuse to call the invasion by illegal aliens at our border a "crisis".  Probably good thing for tax payers because then they would ask for a trillion dollars to fly illegal aliens into our country from Central America and put them up at the Ritz so they would not have to endure the long walk and sleeping on the ground.  But, the reality is what is happening at our border really is a Biden created crisis.  We have thousands of illegal alien unaccompanied minors, as well as, adults, criminals and drugs coming across our border.  So many that Biden has called in FEMA that normally deals with natural disaster emergencies to help manage these people.  The fact is that they are coming in so fast, there is no place to put them.  

So when is Biden going down to the border to see the mess he has created by announcing an open border.  This is just the beginning of the invasion.  There will be a million or more people headed North across our border in Caravans during the spring and early summer before it gets too hot.  Biden has opened the flood gates violating his oath of office.  Imagine if the Chinese or Russians were invading our country.  It would cause a nuclear war.  But in this case, we have illegal aliens invading our country and Biden is taking them with open arms in violation of his oath of office.    

Biden took an oath to preserve and protect our country.  Obviously, while he naps everyday he is failing to prevent this invasion.  If anything, Biden caused it by his stupid policies.  Republicans should demand the impeachment of Joe Biden for failing in his duties.  This would be a real charge not like the Bogus BS that National Socialists played on President Trump during two impeachment trials.  Joe Biden, the job killer, is causing real damage to our country.  It has to end.  

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