Friday, March 26, 2021

China - Forget About Climate Change

The National Socialists claim that Climate Change is an "existential threat" to our way of life.  Really? With Biden in office, China is eating our breakfast, lunch and dinner.  China is not only an incredible economic threat; but a growing military threat to our way of life.  It is only our current nuclear superiority for the time being that prevents them from taking over Taiwan.  They know that we can't defend Taiwan with conventional forces, since theirs in Asia are stronger; but they also know that we could and would use nuclear weapons if needed to defend our interests.  We would have no other choice rather than just surrender. 

When the day comes that their nuclear capabilities are similar to ours,  they will move on Taiwan.  They continue to build up their conventional forces for that day in the South China Sea.  When Nixon went to China, the hope was that with trade normalization China would become more like a Western democracy.  Instead, China has used unfair trade practices, stealing intellectual property and currency manipulation to become a very rich country.  Remember, it is China lending the United States trillions of dollars to cover our National Debt not the other way around.  

And, when the day comes that we can't repay China and we default on our debt, don't be surprised if they don't ask for Alaska in return.  You can bet China would have no problem drilling for oil and natural gas all over Alaska, including in what we have designated as national parks and wildlife reserves.  

China is a Communist Country intent on world domination.  We have been played by them over and over again.  I don't blame China for being smart.  I blamed Western and Asian politicians of all political parties for being stupid.  We let China steal our factories and our jobs.  President Trump was the first President to stand up to China.  Biden is ill equipped to take on China because of his family pay to play scheme.  China owns Biden.  All they have do to destroy Biden is come clean on their dealings worth millions of dollars to his family.  So Biden will pretend to deal with China; but nothing meaningful will happen.  In the mean time, kiss more American jobs goodbye as China gets stronger by the day.   

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