Friday, July 31, 2015

Vice President Joe Biden Running For President?

This Blogger believes that Socialist Vice President Joe Biden will run for President and if so, we will hear an announcement soon.   No doubt, Pinocchio Obama is encouraging Biden to throw his hat in the ring to stop Hillary Clinton from getting the nomination because Obama and the Clinton's hate each other.  Certainly, though Crazy Joe often says goofy things, Biden is as qualified, or more qualified than Hilly to be President.   And, Biden has ties to big unions and the majority of the Socialist Party going back decades.  Biden even attempts to talk Black when he goes into the Black community and talks about Republicans wanting to put "Blacks back in chains", as ridiculous as that sounds. 

This Blogger does not believe that Hillary Clinton is sure thing for the Socialist nomination because of all the Clinton Scandals that continue on a daily basis.  Those that remember the Clinton years and the definiition of "is" don't want to go there again.  There are probably some big money Socialist interests whispering in Joe Biden's ear to jump in.  Biden would have the best chance of taking the nomination away from Hilly.   Of course, there would be the woman thing that Biden would have to deal with; but he could put Socialist Senator Elizabeth Warren on the ticket as his VP to get passed dumping Hillary Clinton.   The left wing of the Socialist Party as though there could be anything further left love Warren.

Either way, whether it is Hillary Clinton, or Joe Biden, they will be running for Obama's Third Term.   And, since Obama has been one of the worst Presidents in American history and will leave behind a mess for the next President, it will be difficult for any Socialist candidate to run away from Obama's failed record.  This will be especially true for Clinton or Biden, since they were part of the Obama Administration.  In either case, if Clinton or Biden gets the nomination, both would be among the oldest President ever to run, or be elected.  Clearly, either will sing the same old Socialist songs that are leading to the bankruptcy of our country.   

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