Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Republicans Control Congress - So What

Billions of dollars, time and resources have been committed to assist Republicans with gaining control of Congress and what has it gotten us. The answer is absolutely nothing.

Are taxes any lower?  NO.
Are there fewer regulations killing jobs?  NO.
Has ObamaCare been stopped?  NO.
Have the EPA Gestapo and IRS Gestapo been reigned in?  NO.
Is the Border Secure?  NO
Do we have Comprehensive Immigration Reform?  NO
Is government smaller?  NO.
Have our First, Second and Fourth Amendment freedoms been protected? NO.
Have Social Security and Medicare been reformed to prevent their insolvency?  NO.
Do we have any additional limits on Abortion?  NO
Is our country any more secure.? NO.
Have measures been taken to prevent Obama from gutting our military?  NO.
Has Congress done anything to stop Obama's Executive Orders that are threatening our Democracy?  NO.
Do we have a Balanced Budget to prevent the bankruptcy of the United States?  NO.
Has anyone really been held responsible for the Veterans Affairs, IRS, NSA. or Benghazi Scandals. NO.

Big Deal.  We have a Republican Congress that has accomplished NOTHING important.  Ronald Reagan once asked the question, related to Jimmy Carter's Presidency, "Are you better off today than before Carter became President?"  The same question could be asked about Republican control of Congress.  Are we better off today than before the Republicans took control of Congress?  The answer would have to be NO, or at least there has been NO DIFFERENCE.  No wonder the base of the Republican Party is so disgusted and turned off when we get those calls daily asking for political contributions.  Electing Republicans has not resulted in taking back our country, just more of the same big government waste, fraud, abuse, corruption and failure.   

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