Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Supreme Court Rules Against EPA Gestapo

Obama's EPA Gestapo has been using Clean Air and Water Acts in an attempt to regulate everything we buy, do, eat, touch, etc in an attempt to destroy carbon based industries and in particular the coal industry, without any regard to the cost in jobs, or money to comply with their regulations.  In Michigan versus the EPA, in a 5 - 4 Decision with presumed Conservatives voting against the EPA and the 4 Socialists on the Court voting for the EPA, the Court said that the EPA cannot just issue regulations without a proper cost benefits analysis. 

Of course, none of this will stop the EPA Gestapo from killing jobs and whole industries, only now they will have to come up with a fictitious numerical justification.  This will just result in years of court cases, challenging the EPA's assumptions and aside from the millions of dollars it will cost fighting the EPA, it could at least slow down Obamanistas in the next 18 months and later Socialist governments in power.  And, that is a good thing. 

The Obama EPA Gestapo is out of control.  While everyone wants clean and and water, we don't want the federal government controlling a mud puddle on someone's land as is happening now.    We also don't want the EPA destroying jobs and whole industries in the pursuit of various environmental standards that are impossible to meet.  And, finally, we need clean, safe, cheap energy to maintain a high standard of living in the United States.  We must have an all of the above Energy Strategy that includes Clean Coal, Natural Gas, Oil, Oil and Gas Shale and Nuclear Energy, along with renewables like Solar, Wind and Bio Fuels when they are economically feasible.  This is about common sense not Radical Environmental Socialist Schemes that are destroying our economy. 

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