Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Donald Trump Is Running For President

Billionaire Donald Trump announced that he is seeking the Republican nomination for President.   Trumps slogan should be the old Forest Gump adage that "Stupid Is As Stupid Does" because Trump is saying that our elected officials of both political parties have been really stupid related to our trade policy, border security, economic issues, government bureaucracy, taxes, deficit spending etc. etc. and he is absolutely right.  This Blogger often does my radio show in Nevada on Stupid In America because we see so much waste, fraud, abuse, redundancy and out right failure in government programs and spending, that it can only be called really stupid.

The Donald says he is the guy that can make "America Great Again".  We do need that guy; but unfortunately the corruption that exists in government is so great that no one President alone can fix all the nation's problems.   To start with we need both Balanced Budget and Term Limits Constitutional Amendments added to our Constitution.  Without these tools in place, it would be next to impossible to stop deficit spending on crazy programs, commissions, departments etc.  Further Crony Capitalism is alive and well and both political parties play the game.  Very big companies and unions donate to both parties to get what they want out of government at taxpayer expense.  Even the US Chamber of Commerce has gone over to the dark side advocating higher gasoline taxes, when so much of the money we already give the federal government is wasted and Free Trade that has destroyed manufacturing jobs in the US.    We need Fair Trade not Free Trade.   Instead of focusing on more money to deal with displaced US workers from Free Trade, we should be focusing on bringing manufacturing jobs back to the US.  Trump is absolutely right on this issue. 

Donald Trump would be better off running as an Independent than as a Republican, since he will not get the Republican nomination for the Presidency.  The powers that be will never allow it because Trump is too big a threat to their empires.  If he did so, he could just start now and focus on winning the Presidency, rather than the Republican nomination.   It would be a smarter strategy and his only hope of becoming the next President of the United States. 

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