Sunday, June 28, 2015

Unskilled Blue Collar Men In America - No Future

Many of the millions of unemployed in the United States, often on Welfare and or Food Stamps, or Disability Benefits are Unskilled Blue Collar Men with little or no education, or job skills.  The days of being paid a Union Middle Class income to screw in a bolt on a factory floor are long gone.  A little thing called global competition came along to kill those jobs.  Today, those jobs are either in China, Mexico or other countries, or eliminated by robotics.   While women have adapted better to the new economy, many Unskilled Blue Collar Men are stuck in a time warp.  And, many of them are single because women are not about to carry dead weight, avoiding Men that have no future. 

What to do?  One thing is for sure, we need Workfare instead of Welfare to get these able bodied men off their butts, either into community clean up programs, or better yet into two year vocational education programs as a requirement for receiving Welfare.   We do Men, with nothing to offer society no favor by allowing them, or anyone else, that is able bodied the ability to collect Welfare, or even Disability Benefits without a Community Service, or Education Requirement.  Without a marketable Trade, these Men are going nowhere at our expense.  While many of these Unskilled Blue Collar Men have no education, or a high school diploma at best, there is no reason they can't learn to be a chef, cable installer, electrician, plumber, or carpenter.  And, if and when they do, they will have meaningful work, which will provide purpose and dignity.

All of this is leading to dysfunctional families, when these Men are married, since they are not a role model for children.  And so, the vicious cycle of poverty continues because our government refuses to actually deal with the problems we face in society.   Socialists just propose higher and higher taxes to fund more Socialist Schemes and hand-outs without any strings.   We get same old same old and in this case it is millions of able bodied Unskilled Blue Collar Men with no future. 

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