Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Californiacation Of Nevada - RINOS & Socialists Enact The Highest Spending and Tax Increase in Nevada History

In November, 2014, the voters of Nevada elected a Republican controlled legislature, along with Republicans in all state wide offices for the first time in decades.  At the same time, voters defeated a Margins Corporate Income Tax Initiative, put on the ballot by the Teachers Union, by around 80%, which was opposed by all Republicans running for office, including RINO Socialist Governor Brian Sandoval, whom we now just refer to as Governor BS for short.  It wasn't a few months later before Governor BS in his State of the State Address proposed a very similar Margins Tax that just a few months before he told voters that he opposed.  Of course, many politicians are LIARS; which is nothing new, but in Sandoval's case he is a Serial LIAR because he also told voters that other tax increases, previously enacted during the Financial Melt Down, that were supposed to Sunset, would do so.  After the November election, Sandoval announced that those tax increases were now baked into his budget and therefore could not be Sunseted. 

What is additionally evil is that Republicans running for the State Assembly and Senate also told their constituents that they opposed the Margins Tax and would vote to eliminate the taxes that were support to Sunset.  Instead, these very same Republicans who also LIED, that we now can clearly describe as RINOS, voted with their Socialist colleagues in the Legislature to enact Governor BS's tax and spend plan that constitutes the largest tax and spending increase in Nevada history.  So, as result of the $1.5 Billion Tax increase pushed by Governor BS, spending in Nevada will increase from about $6 Billion to $7.5 Billion annually.  And, while this is chump change in Washington DC, or a state like California, this spending increase amounts to a 20% increase in just one year, which is unprecedented, especially for a small state like Nevada.

All the new taxes imposed by Governor BS and the RINO/Socialist controlled Legislature will be particularly bad for small businesses in the state of Nevada, since RINOS and Socialists took care of the two largest industries in the state; Gaming and Mining at the expense of small businesses and even charities.  Governor BS's stated reason for this huge and unprecedented tax increase, which was resoundingly rejected by the voters just a few months ago,  was to provide more money to improve public education.  This Blogger as a former public school teacher with a Masters Degree in Education Administration supports public schools; but if more money was the solution to improving public schools, the United States should have the best public schools in the world because we spend more than any other industrialized country on our public education; yet US student achievement is poor compared to many other countries. 

The real solutions to improve public schools involve out of the box thinking, not higher taxes that continue to feed a failing and corrupt government beast controlled by teacher unions.   If people are serious about improving public schools, politicians need to enact School Choice, Higher Standards, Ways to Deal with Student Discipline Problems that waste teacher time, Merit Pay for Teachers, Eliminating Teacher Tenure so that poor teachers can more easily be fired, eliminating collective bargaining for public employees, including teachers, that is bankrupting our states and country and most importantly eliminating all the levels of overlaying education bureaucracy so that more money can actually reach the classroom to pay higher salaries and reduce class size.  Of course, most of these reform measures will ever be enacted as long as big government RINOS and Socialists control local, state and federal governments. 

So now what we see in Nevada, a state with about 3 million people, is the Californiacation of the state of Nevada, which will cause a predictable end result.   As someone who has worked in Business Mobility for 35 years, I have watched businesses leave California and other high tax states to avoid high taxes and over regulation.  Now that this new tax structure is in place, Nevada RINOS and Socialists will continue to raise taxes with every legislative session, in the name of improving public schools and to pay for Governor BS's ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion, if they get away with what they just did.   Ultimately the end result will be the same as has occurred in California.  Businesses will vote with their feet as happens every year in California as more companies leave the state.  Public Schools will remain lousy because there is nothing meaningful being done to improve them. 

The end result is an eroding tax base and the borrowing of billions of dollars every year to fund state welfare, Medicaid, other services and a huge state bureaucracy.   California has more than $134 billion dollars of unfunded liability for state public employee pensions sitting on the books and billions more in state debt, which is the reason California, like Illinois bonds, are rated as "Junk" requiring a very high interest rate to attract investors.  Governor BS, who really should come out of the closet and declare himself a Democrat/Socialist and the RINOS and other Socialists that control the state of Nevada will now do what the Socialists have done to California.  Just wait and see.   

This is another example of Stupid in America, or in this case, in the state of Nevada.  Governor BS is the Pinocchio Obama of the State of Nevada.  I just wish that Governor BS would come out of the closet and just declare himself a Democrat/Socialist because BS is certainly no Republican and neither are the RINOS that just voted for Sandoval's unprecedented tax increase and new wasteful spending.   

P.S.  The day of reckoning is coming for RINOS in the State Legislature that voted for this huge tax increase in 2016, come election time.  Many of them will be primaried out of office because the base of the Conservative Republican Party in Nevada is not big on LIARS and Crooks.  Recall Movements are also in the works for State Legislators, not up in 2016, to throw the bums out of office, as well.  Too bad nobody knows how to do tar and feathering anymore, which would be a great way to make these RINOS feel the heat and the anger of many voters.  But the time is not far off. 

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