Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hillary Clinton - Just Another Big Government Socialist

Hillary Clinton had to reboot her Presidential campaign that was going no where.  Hilly is the candidate from Yesterday, talking about Yesterday, who wants to take us back to Yesterday.  To tell her story again, she went to Roosevelt Island, off Manhattan in New York, to channel Socialist President Franklin Roosevelt who brought us Welfare, Food Stamps and a Social Security system that is headed toward bankruptcy.   Roosevelt's New Deal also prolonged the Great Depression because Roosevelt enacted punitive income taxes that seriously stifled economic growth and job creation.  It was only World War II that finally brought the United States out of the Depression; but then you will never hear any of this from current Socialists, or the left wing lame stream media see Roosevelt as a God.

Hilly spoke to all the Socialist constituencies in her speech; students who deserve free university, parents that should get free child care, radical feminists that want the right to have abortions right up until a baby is born,  radical environmental wackos that continue to kill jobs, big union cronies, the LGBT community seeking the right to marry, those that hate free market capitalism and of course the 65 million Americans on the dole collecting Welfare, Food Stamps and Disability benefits. 

Hilly claims the 50% of Americans that pay all the income taxes in the United States and most of the other taxes and fees to local, state and the federal government are not paying enough to support all the Takers in society, that pay little or nothing, you know namely Socialist voters.  It is not enough that many of us give up 50% of our hard earned money to fund failed government and all the Socialist Schemes that have been enacted into law in the last 60 years that have made a mess of our country.   What is really interesting is that when a Socialist is asked how much is enough, they will never answer the question because for Socialists higher taxes and bigger government are never enough. 

The problem is that there is not enough wealth in the entire country to fund all the Socialist Schemes promised every election.  $12 Trillion has already been spent on the War on Poverty and in addition to destroying the Black family, the poverty rate is higher today than three decades ago.  Ironically,  Blacks in particular are for worse off under our first Black President.  The United States spends more on public education than any other industrialized nation in the world; yet many of our public schools stink and in general American student achievement is lower than occurs in other countries.  Socialism has failed every where in the world it has been tried.  Yet, Hillary Clinton and all of her pals have not learned the lessons of history.  They want to double down on failed Socialist Schemes.  Higher taxes kills jobs and just puts more people on Welfare.  Cards talk and numbers don't lie.  65 million people on the dole tell the story better than anything this Blogger, or any Republican running for President, can ever tell it.  

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