Friday, June 5, 2015

RINOS & Socialists Are Both Job Killers

RINOS and Socialists actually think that bigger government is always the solution to the problems we face, even though there are so many examples of government failure that we see daily.  The fact is that government is the problem and rarely the solution.  Socialists always support higher taxes and bigger government to hire more public employee union members so that is business as usual.  One would hope that Republicans would be smarter, advancing private sector solutions, as a better way to deal with the many problems that we face.   But not so because RINOS always get duped by smarter Socialist professional politicians into accepting big government Socialist Schemes that ultimately result in higher taxes and more government employees at the expense of hard working taxpayers.   

And of course, higher taxes on business, or individuals is a job killer.  It really is pretty simple. The more money government confiscates from us one way or another, the less money we have to spend on private sector investments and or personal consumption.  Since businesses don't have this money to invest in new ventures, or expansion of existing ones, less people are hired and in some cases it results in lay off's.   If individuals must give up more of their hard earned money, in various taxes, they have less disposable income to buys things, take trips etc. which again means fewer jobs in our economy.  So the bigger government gets through higher taxes, the smaller the private sector.  And, everybody with a brain knows that government is not as a good a utilizer of resources as private individuals would be because government spending always results in waste, fraud and abuse.  So, we never get a dollar of output from government spending for the $1 we put in from various taxes.  The fact that is that any of us is always more careful spending our own money than government ever could be.  This is just common sense; but then RINOS and Socialists in office often have no common sense; nor have they taken and passed Economics 101. 

This Blogger is not a Libertarian.   I believe there is a legitimate place for limited Constitutional government as originally intended by our Founding Fathers.  The problem is that today, government intrudes on every facet of life.  Government has become the beast that taxpayers love to hate because they continue to take more of our money to fund failure.  Everything we do, eat, touch etc. is taxed, or regulated one way or another.  In fact, about 40% of our Gross Domestic Product now involves local, state and federal government spending.  The reality is that for the 50% of us that pay all the income taxes in the United States and a higher percentages of most other taxes, they already take too much of our blood to fund failed government programs, agencies, commissions, departments etc.   These RINOS and Socialists are killing the goose that laid the golden egg and we see the end result in higher poverty rates, lower workforce participation rates and a lousy economy.

Nevada is a case in point.  RINOS and Socialists got together in the most recent legislative session to raise taxes and spending by $1.5 Billion, which is the largest tax increase in Nevada history, supposedly to improve public education.  This will raise government spending by 20% in one year and require a Nevada Mini IRS to administer because the Margins Tax enacted is so complex that 26 more State Taxation Employees will be needed to deal with this new business tax.  The only problem with all of this is that RINO/Socialist Governor Brian Sandoval's Socialist Schemes to improve public education have all been tried before and failed.   So, we are throwing more money down a rat hole, instead of implementing the real reforms needed to improve our public schools.  And, just when Nevada was coming back from the Fiscal Meltdown, these new taxes will be a job killer.

The Nevada RINO controlled legislature did enact a School Choice bill that if properly administered might have been the only solution needed to improve education by providing some competition at no new cost to the people.  And, they already took care of the public school building problem by giving school districts bonding authority, without a vote of the people, which will automatically raise property taxes.  To spend more money on failed programs just made no sense.   Yet, here we are thanks to RINOS and Socialists that have grown Nevada state government even bigger at the expense of hard working tax payers. 

But thinking outside the box, many government services should be privatized as a solution to local, state and federal government enormous unfunded pension liabilities.  Outsourcing government services can be done at lower cost, without public employee unions and without any pension liability for the hard working taxpayer.  It is about time that RINOS and Socialists in government stop killing jobs and start putting in place innovative ideas, rather than continuing to fund failed programs.  Oh well, there is always wishing and hoping that before they put this Blogger in the wall, we will see real hope and change in government, which means smaller, limited Constitutional government, instead of the Bloated Big Brother we have now. 

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