Friday, June 12, 2015

Rino Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval Announces He Will Not Seek Dirty Harry's Senate Seat

RINO Governor Brian Sandoval (BS for short) announced that he will not seek the Republican nomination for the Senate seat that will be vacated by retiring Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid.  Frankly, this is no surprise to this Blogger because BS is seen as a liar by the base of the Republican Party for enacting a Margins Tax that just a few months ago, while running for reelection, BS said he opposed.  BS talks about remaining as Governor to create "a new Nevada".  If by "new" BS means a Socialist Nevada with high taxes, significantly more spending, more regulations, ObamaCare, expanded Medicaid that BS accepted, which will bankrupt the state of Nevada, implementation of Common Core and Obama's Executive Amnesty Program, which apparently BS supports, the base of the Republican Party is saying NO THANKS.  That is not the Nevada that we support and BS knows it, which is the reason he does not dare seek elected office again in Nevada; at least not as a Republican.

Governor BS is now so disliked by the base of the Republican Party for ignoring the voters and enacting his $1.5 Billion Tax increase and a corresponding increase in spending, that one of the county Republican Party Committees has excommunicated him along with the their states legislator that voted for BS's tax increase.   In the old days, these RINOS would have been tarred and feathered and sent packing out of state.  There was something to be said for the old days to deal with politicians that are LIARS.   Governor BS lied when running for election and reelection when he said repeatedly that he did not support tax increases and then enacted the largest tax and spending increase in Nevada history.

Here is the deal.  Governor BS is not a Republican at all.  BS is a Dirty Harry Reid Pro Choice Socialist.  This Blogger believes that the fix is in.  What Sandoval really wants, as the former Nevada Attorney General, is a Supreme Court appointment for life.  And, I would bet that Dirty Harry is prepared to get it for him to get Sandoval out of the way so Reid's sons can continue the family dynasty in Nevada.  After all, politics is the Reid family business and the basis for their family wealth.  Dirty Harry has run Nevada for years.   Reid wants Sandoval gone to make way for his sons in the future. 

And, why not.  If there is an opening on the Supreme Court before Obama leaves office, getting a declared Socialist through the Republican controlled Senate will be difficult, if not impossible.  But, if Obama appoints Sandoval, who on paper at least is a Republican, how can the Senate turn him down.  However, there is nothing really different about Sandoval than would be the case if Obama appointed any other Socialist.  Sandoval is Pro Choice, rare for a Republican.  Sandoval was one of few Republican Governors that accepted ObamaCare, setting up a state exchange that failed.  Sandoval also accepted expanded Medicaid.  Sandoval supports Common Core, the federalization of public education.  Sandoval was opposed to Nevada's Attorney General joining 26 other states to challenge Obama's Executive Amnesty Program.  Sandoval is a tax and spend left wing liberal that just enacted the highest tax increase in Nevada history to benefit the teacher's union.  

And, maybe most important Sandoval is a young Hispanic that if approved would be in office for 30 years supporting Obama's Socialist ideology.  Believe me the fix is in.  Now Ruth Bader Ginsburg, or one of the others on the Supreme Court must bite the dust before Obama leaves office to put Dirty Harry's plan in place.  You heard it here. 

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