Saturday, June 20, 2015

Time To Starve The Government Beast

Local, State and Federal Government is responsible for 40% of our annual Gross Domestic Product.  That is, government spending comprises about 40% of all the goods and services bought in the United States; about 25% Federal and 15% Local and State.   The government Beast has grown so big that our freedoms are threatened as government intrudes on all facets of daily life.  The only way to stop this from happening is to stop feeding the Beast by cutting Taxes and spending, including borrowing and deficit spending, so that government represents a smaller portion of our GDP. 

This Blogger is not a Libertarian.  I believe there is a role for the Federal government related to National Defense,  Foreign Affairs, Immigration, Securing Our Border, Health and Safety, Interstate Commerce, Transportation, Interstate Highways and our Banking and Monetary system.   Notice that I did not list Education because that is clearly a state function.  Everything else should be left to the states because government that governs closest and least, governs best and that includes control of lands within states.   What we have now is tremendous waste, fraud, abuse, corruption, redundancy, Crony Capitalism and government failures that are in the news every day because there are so many layers of bureaucracy that we have created not only tyrannical government out of control, but government that is unmanageable.   

This Blogger opposes all tax increases, at all levels of government, because all we are doing is feeding the Beast, rather than limiting the size of government and eliminating all the waste, fraud, abuse, corruption, redundancy, Crony Capitalism and government failures.  Besides, government representing 40% of GDP is ridiculous because it happens at the expense of the private sector where real job creation occurs.  This is the reason we have extremely high unemployment with the real number being well above 15%, if everyone was counted.  Big Government ultimately is a job killer.  We need to get Government GDP spending down to about 17% Federal and perhaps 15% for Local and State spending; so 32% of GDP total, instead of 40%.   That may even be too much, but at least it would create a better balance than what we have now.

Government is clearly not the solution for every problem.  If Government was smaller, we would see other private sector solutions to deal with many of the things government touches today and much more efficiently and cost effectively.  Many Government Services, i.e. Veterans Hospitals, could be privatized.   We need Workfare, not Welfare to get people off the dole.  Americans should be able to choose between private investment funds for pensions and Social Security.   And of course, School Choice should be the law of the land so that parents could choose between public and private schools for their children, with a government voucher paid to the selected school.  Same Old Same Old Socialist Schemes are not only failing, they are bankrupting our country.  It is time to starve the Beast to get our nation's financial house in order.  It will not happen any other way.

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