Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Obama Justice Department - IRS Playing Out The Clock

Guess what, suddenly 6,400 Lois Lerner emails have turned up that supposedly disappeared when hard drives crashed, or were purposely destroyed.  Remember, Lerner, she was the IRS Director who ordered the targeting of Conservative and Religious Groups that opposed Obama's Socialist Schemes.   This woman needs to go to jail rather than be allowed to collect her exorbitant pension.  The appropriate Committee of Congress, investigating this Scandal, has demanded that those emails be turned over; but instead the Obama Justice Department and IRS are stalling saying that they must go through the emails to eliminate duplicates.  Who cares about duplicates.  This is just a bunch of baloney. 

Of course, that will probably take the remainder of the Obama Presidency as the corrupt Justice Department and IRS play out the clock.  Honestly, the Obama Administration has been the most corrupt and least transparent since Richard Nixon was forced to resign over Watergate.   Obama makes Nixon look like a choir boy.   We don't refer to Obama as Pinocchio for nothing.  This President and the Obamanistas that surround him are all LIARS. 

So, the only recourse for Congress is to cut Justice Department and IRS funding.   Republicans that control both Houses of Congress need to starve these corrupt beasts to stop the bonuses going to these LIARS and CROOKS.   And, those that were targeted must go to court under the Freedom of Information Act to get these emails.   The lawyers need to demand punitive fines levied against the individuals that control the IRS, in particular, if not jail time, if they don't turn the email over to them and the Congress.  It is time to play hard ball with these LIARS and CROOKS. 

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