Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Devil Alive & Well In America - The Case For The Right To Own Guns

The devil is alive and well in America.  This time we see the mass killing of 9 Black people praying in a Christian Church in Charleston, South Carolina by a deranged, or perhaps hate filled White 22 year old male.   Details and motives yet to be determined as I post this Blogl but any time we see these crimes, it is the devil in action.  Murders happen in the United States on a regular basis usually because of Domestic Violence, Gang Related Drug Deals, Other Crimes and or just random killings often by someone that is on drugs, or otherwise deranged.  This Blogger believes that this is the Devil's work.

Every time we see one of these tragic events, Secular Socialists, in particular and others call for limits on the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution, the right to own a gun.   Some even call for eliminating the right to own a gun altogether citing these violent murders.  The fact is that law abiding citizens that own guns do not commit these murders.  And, further, what is often lost in this discussion is the number of murders that are prevented because law abiding citizens are in a position to defend themselves against the deranged and criminals.

Further, the real reason the Founders of our nation included the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights was because they feared tyrannical government, having just fought a Revolutionary War to get rid of a dictator tyrant.  Socialists, Fascists and Communists have murdered millions of their own citizens that were defenseless against them.   Does anyone really believe that if the Jews murdered in the Holocaust and the millions of others killed by Socialists and Communist could have protected themselves that these deaths would have occurred.   So, whenever we see or hear the calls for limiting, or eliminating our 2nd Amendment Rights, it is important that we learn the lessons of history.  Never Again, Never Again. 

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