Friday, June 19, 2015

Socialist Pope Francis Should Focus on Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ

It is becoming clearer by the day with the recent Encyclical published by Pope Francis concerning Climate Change that this Pope is a Socialist.  Pope John Paul II had lived under both Fascism and Communism in Poland so he often scolded and punished radical priests, particularly in South America for preaching "Liberation Theology", translation, Communist Doctrine.   John Paul knew first hand the evils of Socialism and Communism that led to misery, poverty and the murder of millions of people.   

As a Roman Catholic,  I encourage Pope Francis to focus on Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and render on to Caesar what is Caesar's as Jesus taught.  By issuing this Encyclical on Climate Change, that goes way beyond dealing with this topic, right into Socialist ideology related to redistribution of wealth and the power and relationship between government and its citizens, Francis has entered the political realm in a way that is not productive, nor beneficial to the Catholic Church.  For this Blogger in particular, it means shifting our charitable contributions from the Church to other organizations that change lives. 

And, somehow connecting Climate Change to the plight of the poor as an excuse for bigger, more intrusive government, higher taxes and more regulations that kill jobs, putting more people on the dole, is right out of the Socialist Playbook.   Socialist Catholics, if there is such a thing, ignore the teachings of the Church related to Abortion and Gay Marriage; but will now use Pope Francis's words as justification for all their big government failed Socialist Schemes that have led to massive global debt and the loss of our freedoms.  

The fact is that Free Market Capitalism, with all its warts and boom and bust cycles has led to more wealth for more people than any other system on earth.  Free Market Capitalism is the only and best way to deal with poverty in the world because only through wealth creation can there be job creation. Unfortunately, since Pope Francis came from Argentina, where Dictatorships, Crony Capitalism and control by a small number of oligarchs has been common, Francis has never really experienced the Free Market Capitalism, now under threat, that built America into the greatest nation on earth.   So the Pope has no point of reference; nor apparently does he understand basic economics.

Pope Francis, who wears the shoes of the fisherman, as the direct line to St. Peter, the rock designated by Jesus Christ to create the foundation of  Christianity, has lost his way.   The Pope was not elected to be the head of the United Nations; but rather to be the Shepard showing all peoples of the world the way to Jesus Christ and God.   Somehow becoming involved in the whole Climate Change debate, which is very political and offensive to many would seem to be a detour and road to no where.   Most important,  Pope Francis embracing Socialist Ideology, when Socialism has failed to create prosperity everywhere on earth it has been tried, leading instead to misery and murder, is folly at best and the devil's work at worst. 

John in Revelations predicted the coming of an Anti-Christ.  While Pinocchio Obama fits the description perfectly, let us hope we are not seeing this prediction come true in Pope Francis.  It is time for the Pope to focus on minding his flock and leave politics to the politicians because otherwise, many and particularly donors, will turn away from the Catholic Church and that can't be a good thing. 

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