Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Throwing More Tax Payer Hard Earned Money At Failed Government

The answer to government programs, departments, commissions, agencies etc. that fail in their mission is always raising taxes to throw more money at them, when they often should just go out of business.   We see it all the time.  In Washington DC, Veterans Affairs, charged with providing medical services to VETS failed to do so, so instead of privatizing the system, which is what should have happened, Republicans and Socialists in Congress and President Pinocchio Obama provided billions of dollars more to make a failed system even bigger.  The best thing a government agency can do to get a bigger budget is fail.  The same thing is now happening at the IRS.  

Education is another prime example.   The United States spends more money on public education than any other country in the world; yet many of our public schools stink.  The incremental new money always seems to end up in more layers of bureaucracy, rather than going into the classroom where teaching actually happens.  The answer to poor test scores and student achievement is always more money.   And, as a supporter of public education and a former public school teacher, I would be for it; but I know it is not the solution.  We just saw this in the state of Nevada, as a RINO Governor, RINO controlled State Legislature, along with Socialists in state government, just raised taxes and spending by an unprecedented $1.5 Billion, the largest tax and spending increase in Nevada history.  

This spending increase,which was justified to improve public education, amounts to about a 20% increase in state government spending year over year, which is outrageous.  If more money was the solution to improving public schools, we should have the best public schools and student achievement in the world, instead of the mediocre results that are prevalent and especially in many schools in Nevada.  The fact is that teacher unions often prevent the real reforms needed to improve public schools.  It just is what it is.  So once again government failure is rewarded with more money, rather than real change taking place that is badly needed, in this case to improve our public schools.  Obviously, what we have been doing for years is not working, so why on earth do we continue the same failed approaches.  This is really true related to the War on Poverty that has cost the American taxpayer about 12 trillion dollars in the last 50 years, adding to our $18 Trillion National Debt; yet the poverty rate today is higher than three decades ago. 

Government is broken at all levels.  As Ronald Reagan always said "government is not the solution to our problems, government is the problem".  And, the real problem with all of this is that RINOS and Socialists, in power, are bleeding the 50% of us that pay taxes dry.  At all levels of government, they all say, if we just had a little higher taxes, or business fees, life and government services would be wonderful, when in fact they make life miserable for many people.  None of them see the cumulative result of their handiwork, which for many can mean giving up 50% or more of our hard earning money in various income taxes, property taxes, business license fees, sales taxes, tolls and government taxes on everything including cigarettes, liquor, phone, cable, Internet, airline tickets and to buy various other goods and services, not to mention the cost to comply with all of this.   It just never ends.   Well as the taxpayer at the end of the line that sees the big picture and has to write the checks to various levels of government, I have had enough, which is why I oppose all tax increases.  

Before I could ever support higher taxes, I would have to see the fraud, waste, abuse and redundancy eliminated in government spending.   Feeding the government beast even more of our hard earned money, even for education, so it can grow bigger, at our expense, just creates a bigger monster that intrudes into all aspects of life, which even threatens our freedom.  It would also be nice to see the crooks that work in government FIRED for wrong doing, when it occurs, instead of being given early retirement with hefty pensions, or being transferred to other jobs.  This Blogger is mad as hell about government abuse, high taxes and regulations and I don't care who knows.  Both the Republicans and the Socialists are guilty of killing the goose that laid the golden egg.  I am just tired of being the hard working goose that never stops paying for poor results.     

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